ACR Plant Air Quality Solutions

When you need to improve or maintain your plant air quality, turn to ACR Incorporated for solutions. We are your single source air filtration solution. By combining high quality products from trusted manufacturers such as Absolent, Nordfab and Uni-Wash with our years of practical experience, we are able to solve the toughest air filtering dilemmas. At ACR, we can design and install an entirely new system for you, troubleshoot an existing system to improve performance or adapt to new processes and expand current systems.

Quality Equipment and Nordfab Ductwork

Your air filtration system is only as good as its ductwork. Leaking ducts will destroy the efficiency of even the best air cleaning equipment. At ACR, we use quality Nordfab duct products. In application after application it has proved to be the best duct solution. Their Quick-Fit ductwork products, introduced over 15 years ago, are still leading the industry in terms of convenience and performance. They will guarantee that you get the best air flow to and from your main air cleaning unit, whether you need an Absolent mist collector or American Air Filter dust removal unit.

Quick-Fit Ductwork Advantages

There are several reasons to include Quick-Fit ductwork in your plant air quality solution. Some of the advantages to these ducts include:

  • Patented clamp together construction
  • Reduced installation time
  • Easy removal of sections for cleaning
  • Leak proof seams and connections suitable for fumes
  • Connects to existing ductwork

This is an incredibly elegant solution to duct joining and is an excellent piece of air filtration equipment for almost every application. Contact ACR today and allows us to begin the process of designing an air filtration system specifically for your facility’s needs.