Avani Portable Collectors in Indiana

uni-wash dust collector

arms everywhereAvani Environmental Intl., Inc.®, has been a staple in manufacturing, designing and installing ventilation and exhaust equipment for vocational and industrial facilities. Avani continues to invest in research and development to meet and exceed OSHA’s new requirements for employee safety. Avani’s innovation and new product developments keep our products in the forefront of safety so our customers can focus on their line of work.

arms everywhere

Avani understands the importance of a clean work environment and the importance of any company’s most valuable asset, their employees. Avani’s clean work environment increases employee morale, reduces illness/sickness and contributes to a more efficient and productive work environment.

When you buy an Avani product or system, you are buying a solid engineered, quality built product at a competitive price. Custom products and engineered systems are a niche that has brought our products and systems to some of the largest companies in the USA. All of Avani’s products are backed with a warranty and performance guarantee.