Commercial Air Filters & Parts in Columbus, IN

Commercial Air Filters

ACR, Inc. carries a complete line of stock replacement industrial air filters for immediate shipment throughout Columbus and Garden City, IN and beyond. Our inventory includes replacement commercial air filters for Absolent, Scientific, Uniwash, and other major brands. Types of filters available include: HEPA, cartridge, media, HVAC, pleated, aluminum mesh, etc. Should your company require commercial air filters on a continued basis that is not standard, we will stock that filter with a one-year blanket order.

If desired, ACR will label industrial air filters with your part numbers for ease of tracking in your facility.

Our goal is to supply our customers with quality products at a competitive prices, expedited delivery and technical support, and to research the market for improved products at reduced cost to ACR and end users.

Let ACR, Inc. be your single-source supplier for all your filter, mist collection systems, and wet collectors requirements throughout Indiana.

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