Why a Cartridge Dust Collector?

A cartridge dust collector offers several advantages. The cartridge uses a pleated filtering medium that can be made of any of a variety of materials. A metal casing keeps the pleated filter from unfolding and holds it in a tight, compact package. This arrangement means that a large surface area of filtering material can be used while only needing a relatively small space. This alone is a huge advantage because it allows the collection units to be smaller than those that use other styles of filter. Another great advantage is that the cartridges can hold any number of filtering agents allowing a single style of collector to be used in a variety of applications with a simple change of cartridges. ACR can help you determine if this style of dust collection system is right for your application. If so, we can connect you with a high quality American Air Filter dust collector.

American Air Filter Dust Collector Units

ACR is your single source for air filtration, including cartridge dust collector units. Both fixed position and portable units are available so we are able to connect you with the equipment you need no matter the situation. Permanently mounted American Air Filter dust collector models are perfect for many applications, particularly when space is limited. Contact the ACR professionals and we can design a system specifically for your building and needs incorporating an American Air Filter. We have over 30 years of experience designing and installing systems that meet or exceed all applicable standards, including OSHA. When you choose ACR Incorporated, you receive the benefit of our years of experience and incredible wealth of combined knowledge in the air filtration field.