Industrial Air Filters: Cleaners or Collectors

It is critically important to use the proper air filtration equipment and industrial air filters. Cleaners, or collectors, are removing contaminants from the air. The filter elements you use will determine exactly what type or types of contaminants are trapped. In many ways, a dust collection machine is going to be pretty much the same whether it is connected to a down draft table in a highly sensitive environment or saws in a furniture building factory. The industrial air filtration elements determine exactly what is captured and removed from the air that passes through the system. Some filters need to contain and neutralize gas emissions while others simply clean the air moving through a system that removes relatively large particles, such as wood dust. Choosing the correct filtration element for your needs will maximize the efficiency of your system and the life of your filtering agents.

Industrial Air Filtration Elements

There is an amazing array of industrial air filtration elements in various packages available today. At ACR Incorporated, we make it our business to know the advantages and drawbacks of each air filtration offering available today. We are your source for knowledgeable help with industrial air filters. Cleaners, such as portable dust collectors, to heavy wet dust collectors, which you will find in many manufacturing plants, are all familiar to us. We know which types of filters are safest and most effective for various types of pollutants and can help you meet or exceed applicable air quality standards. Call us toll free at 1 (800) 719-4799 and take advantage of our years of experience when ordering your next supply of filtration elements or industrial air cleaners.