Four Benefits of Portable Dust Collectors in Indiana for Industrial Facilities

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If you’re an employer, you want to hire people with proven track records for working hard and getting results. The good workers are the ones who are always on time, stay until the job is done and ask for additional responsibilities. And as an employer, you can do your part to ensure employee productivity through making sure the workplace is safe from hazards, because if there are injuries or illness, projects will take longer to complete.

One effective way to create a healthy work area is to use a dust collector, which is an especially good device for companies with workers who are exposed to dangerous airborne particles. Let’s take look at a few benefits of using portable dust collectors in Indiana to increase indoor air quality in industrial facilities.

They are portable

While you could install a full dust collection system in your facility, you may want to first evaluate your situation to see if a portable unit would be more beneficial. Its portability allows your team to move it around wherever it is needed, such as near a particular machine that is cutting into dust-producing materials, or to an enclosed area where maintenance is being done. Since a portable dust collector can easily be relocated, there’s less chance of improper airflow and a reduced risk of inhaling dangerous industrial material dust particles.

They are versatile

It’s important that everything possible be done to keep the air in the facility safe to breathe. This means the air needs to be clear of not only dust, but toxic fumes as well. When you invest in a portable dust collector for your shop, you are guaranteeing that every room and every area of the building has the chance for better air quality. Simply roll the portable unit to where hazardous dust or fumes need removing, and switch it on. Its easy portability makes it both versatile and convenient for use in production environments.

They take up less space

Depending on the square footage of your work floor, you might not have the space to accommodate a large multifunctional dust collection system. Since portable dust collectors are small compared to permanent installations, they can stand in a corner or right up against a wall near where they are needed. In addition, they are easy to move into a storage cabinet when not in use.

They clear the air

As already mentioned, dust collectors in Indiana are made to clean the air of unhealthy particles created during the process of manufacturing goods—like dust from woodwork, stone, metals and concrete. Having proper ventilation and a good air filtration system in place helps dust collectors be more efficient, but it can also work well on its own. The fact of the matter is that if the workplace environment has poor air quality, then there’s a high probability that workers will be unhealthy, too.

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