Should Your Factory Be Equipped with an Industrial Air Filter?

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Are your industrial processes harming your employees? Applications such as welding or coal-fired systems can give off harmful pollutants that can affect your employees’ health. To combat these chemical compounds, your factory should be equipped with an industrial air filter.

Keep your employees safe and healthy

Not only do the EPA and OSHA require the installation of an industrial air filter, but it is also imperative that you have a system installed to keep your employees safe. Long-term exposure to pollutants such as smog, smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter can affect your employees’ health. With an industrial air filter, you will be able to remove these contaminants from your factory’s workspace and provide a clean environment for your workers to breathe in.

As safety is an utmost concern for your company, you want to ensure that your employees are safe when they are working for you. This goes beyond preventing accidents, as the air quality on the factory floor can make them sick if not properly filtered. With an industrial air filter, you can take the contaminants that are created through welding, milling, grinding, coal burning and machining and remove them from the air. This will create a work environment that is safer for your employees and keeps them healthy in the process. Unfiltered air can make your factory employees sick, as they are exposed to pollutants that can irritate their lungs, nose, and eyes.

Processes that create air contamination

Welding accounts for 85 percent of the contaminants that are in an industrial factory. This can create smoke and fumes that are breathed in by your employees. It also creates a mist of oil that can make surfaces slick, posing a potential hazard to employees. Using an oil mister to filter the air, you can take these pollutants out and allow your employees to perform their job functions without any risk to their health.

Another factory source of pollution is coal burning. Factories that use coal burning as part of their processes are exposing their employees to smog, which can be quite harmful to their health. Installing a smog pollutant remover will ensure that this doesn’t enter the air that they breathe, while also protecting the ozone layer by preventing pollution in the surrounding community. Using a smog pollutant remover will create a cleaner environment for everyone who comes in contact with the coal burning process, as these pollutants are filtered out of the breathable air.

By installing an industrial air filter, your factory will have a work environment that is safer for your employees. Not only will the air be fresher, but your factory will also be a cleaner and safer place in which your employees can operate. Call ACR, Inc. to have an industrial air filter installed at your place of business. We will provide you with that breath of fresh air your employees have been looking for. Get in touch today to learn more!

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