The Importance of Dust Collection Systems in Indiana for Woodworking Companies

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Some industrial and commercial facilities produce a lot of dust, toxic fumes and other air impurities, which is why such operations would benefit from installing dust collection units. Simply put, dust collectors improve workspace air quality in environments like woodworking shops. Do you work around wood dust? The following covers the importance of dust collection systems in Indiana for woodworking companies:

  • To avoid health problems: We’ve all breathed in too much household dust at some point. One minute you’re dusting the bookshelves, and the next you are sneezing and coughing up a storm. Now, imagine how much worse symptoms will be for professional woodworkers. Wood dust is immeasurably hazardous to a person’s health, as inhaling airborne wood dust particles can cause allergies and other respiratory issues, like asthma, or make asthma symptoms worse. Further concern lies in the fact that some wood species release toxins when cut. Use a dust collector in your shop to contain dust and fumes in order to reduce health risks.
  • To ensure product quality: Cutting and drilling are not the only actions in woodworking projects—there’s also sanding. This means a lot of wood dust is sitting and floating around, and if not properly removed from a work area or machines, dust can cause problems for finished products. For example, sanding belts are used in wood sanding applications, which are quick to build up with dust, both on the belt and in-between joints. Also, if not brushed off of product surfaces, wood dust will collect, leading to fiction between the piece and the belt. It’s like an obstruction for sanding belts.
  • To keep tools in good condition: Not only does uncollected wood dust have the potential to harm people, but it can also wreak havoc on woodworking tools and machinery. When there is sawdust between a product surface and the sanding belt or other woodworking tools, there is increased friction, and therefore, heat is created. Dust and small wood chips can obstruct gears and clog belts, and the resulting heat is likely to wear down tools.
  • To avoid high maintenance costs: A lack of dust removal from woodworking machinery can lead to more frequent breakdowns. As mentioned earlier, too much dust can collect, clogging gears and other equipment components. Thus, you’ll run into excessive wear and broken parts. Let wood dust-laden machines cool down before attempting to extract particles or calling a repair service. The bottom line is that you should ensure proper airflow throughout your workshop to avoid high maintenance costs down the line.
  • To stay on schedule: Over time, hazardous wood dust can have a negative effect on worker health, and by extension, your business’ productivity. In other words, if workers get sick from dust and fumes, they will miss days of work and products will be left unfinished, leading to the need for a pause on projects until workers get better and can come back to work.

If you are ready to improve your air quality and are interested in checking out new dust collection systems in Indiana, contact one of our specialists at ACR, Inc. today.

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