Save Lives: Change Your Industrial Air Filters

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December 1979, six employees at a steel company in northern Indiana died tragically due to carbon monoxide in the work area, and over a dozen other employees were made ill by the toxic fumes. Thirty years ago, tragedies like this were not uncommon. Today, unions and agencies such as OSHA ensure that employees are protected from dangerous fumes while on the job by enforcing the use of industrial air filtration systems in Indiana and elsewhere. But a filtration system only does its job when maintained properly.

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your industrial air filtration systems in Indiana are working properly is to be proactive about changing the filter. How often you should change your filter depends on the nature of your business and the type of filtration systems you have. However, most systems require that the filter be changed out every week, since industrial filters can become saturated fairly quickly. Replacing the filter is a fairly simple and inexpensive step that can help protect your employees and save you from liability, but there are other reasons you should stay on top of changing your filter as well:

  • Your air filtration system will last longer: The more saturated your filter becomes, the more difficult it is for your system to cycle air through your building. When your system is working double-time due to a clogged filter, the lifespan of your air filtration system is significantly reduced. Plus, a clogged air filter can actually damage your system and leave you with the need for costly repairs or having to replace the system altogether.
  • You’ll save money: The operating costs for an industrial business are very high, so you don’t want to waste money on energy costs for running a poorly maintained filtration system. A well maintained system with frequently changed filters runs more efficiently than a system with a saturated filter, which means you can save hundreds or even thousands on energy costs simply by regularly changing your filter.
  • You can prevent problems and protect your employees: An overworked filtration system or high energy costs are nothing in comparison to the cost of a life. The most important reason to stay on top of changing your air filter is to protect your employees from dangerous fumes that are present in any industrial setting. Toxic fumes are a constant potential hazard in the workplace, and only a properly maintained air filtration system can protect your employees from the harmful effects of toxic fumes.

We wish we could say that incidents like the 1979 steelworks tragedy don’t occur anymore, but the truth is that employees die every year due to exposure to toxic fumes in the workplace. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes to be proactive about the care and maintenance of your industrial air filtration systems in Indiana. Stay on top of changing your industrial filters and you will not only increase the lifespan of your system and save money, but you will also be saving lives.

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