Health and Safety Benefits of Having a Properly Working Fume Extractor in Your Workplace

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When you think of industrial air filtration systems in Indiana, you likely expect that they will clear your building’s indoor air of unhealthy airborne particles—goodbye allergy-inducing pollen and dust! This may be true for buildings like office settings and some food establishments, but there are a number of industrial and commercial industries that work with or rely on chemicals. Such industries must ensure that all fumes are removed from the indoor air to avoid accidental inhalation. Chemical fumes are very hazardous to human health, so you should invest in a quality fume extraction system.

Here are some of the health and safety benefits of having a properly working fume extractor in your work environment.

Provide a healthy work environment

Industries like woodworking produce extreme amounts of dust; it all must be removed by industrial-grade dust collectors. The same rule applies to the welding industry, except that in this case, it’s dangerous fumes that need removing. In the case of welding fumes, a fume extractor is needed to ensure all fumes are removed from the circulating indoor air. Welding particles are extremely harmful to the human body—in fact, the smaller they are, the more harmful.

Fewer employees calling in sick

Industrial air filtration systems in Indiana are built specifically to improve the indoor air quality of large buildings. They purify the air, but businesses that are exposed to hazardous chemical fumes on a daily basis need to have additional health and safety measures in place. If employees are unhealthy, they cannot come to work, and this translates to less productivity for your business. As the employer, you could end up paying for medical treatments that are caused by exposure to fumes.

Enjoy a more energetic and motivated workforce

No one wants to go to a workplace that constantly makes them sick, which is exactly how people feel when they have to breathe in noxious fumes everyday. But if your team knows there’s an efficient fume extractor that is regularly maintained, they are more likely to be motivated to work, because the risk of illness drops. Additionally, a safe and healthy work environment free of toxins and other fume hazards increases employee energy—energy that will hopefully spread to others!

Let’s briefly review the reasons why a fume extractor can be such a boon to your workplace:

  • Having a well maintained commercial or industrial fume extraction system in place can ensure employee health and safety.
  • It will help protect people from harm and preserve health. This is especially important for those who are at work for a good portion of the day.
  • There will be less calling in sick from the stress and side effects of being around nasty fumes.
  • The work environment will be safer and everyone will feel better.
  • It’ll reduce surface contamination of work machines, tables and products.
  • A working system ensures your business is in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

If you own a business or work in an industry that produces chemical fumes during regular work procedures, then you should call the experts at ACR, Inc. today. Our team can explain the importance of industrial air filtration systems in Indiana and suggest the best route to take to ensure a safe workplace and healthy workforce. Contact us about fume extractors and to discuss ways to improve indoor air quality at your commercial facility!

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