Reduce Factory Fumes with Industrial Air Filters in Indiana

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Indoor air quality is a priority with employers and those who regulate them. As standards for workplace safety expand, more will be expected as you run your shop or factory. Industrial air filters in Indiana make a big difference when it comes to controlling toxic fumes and other air quality hazards. Here are five reasons you want to install this technology at your manufacturing site:

  • Remove toxic fumes: Even with improved ventilation and worker protection, there is still a chance that you will expose workers to toxic or potentially toxic fumes. Part of this is human error. Workers may not always wear their equipment correctly or control access to dangerous areas as well as they should. Some manufacturing processes also simply create these fumes and leave workers exposed. When you add air filtration, you reduce the likelihood of this exposure.
  • Control of fumes: Sometimes, the best course of action is to keep fumes contained to certain areas. Workers may use protective equipment in these areas, and advanced air filtration can maintain ventilation to keep them safe. However, there is a chance of fumes escaping and affecting workers who are not similarly protected. Air filtration helps with containment so fumes do not affect unprotected workers. Many times, employees affected by these conditions are not the ones who directly work with them, but who work on the periphery.
  • Reduce workers’ compensation claims: People have different levels of chemical sensitivity. Even if you have gone years without facing a workers’ compensation claim, you may hire workers who suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues. Adding air filtration places another layer of protection between your manufacturing processes and your workers. Even if you have not faced certain levels of sensitivity before, there is always a possibility that current conditions will result in a worker’s health struggle. Taking extra care with air quality reduces the chances of that development and makes your workplace much safer.
  • Better compliance: Air quality is not just about your interior environment, but also about regulatory compliance. If you are in an industry with standards for fume reduction and worker protections, you may be at risk of a violation if you do not add air filtration. Our systems work well and it is likely that you will exceed air quality standards. That is a much better situation than facing fines and sanctions because your workplace is considered toxic.
  • Preserve furniture and machinery: Fumes will not only affect your workers, but your material assets, too. Depending on the type of fume, you can face corrosion, breakdown and more wear and tear if you do not control indoor air quality. If you do not keep fumes contained, they can even affect administration areas, and your expenses for items like office furniture or computers may increase. Installing an air filtration system controls these possibilities.

ACR, Inc. is a leader in providing industrial air filters in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. If you’re looking to install or upgrade a current air filtration system, call us today to get started.

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