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ACR, Inc. is known for distributing the best industrial air purifiers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Our systems control dust, fumes and contamination in industrial settings, and that creates safer workplaces. Since we offer knowledge and experience, we find the best products and bring them to your site. Here is why you should hire us for your next air purification system:

  • Decades of experience: The members of our team have been in this industry for over 50 years. As you can imagine, air purification has evolved significantly since we opened our doors, and that has allowed us to develop our hands-on experience and see what works in different industrial settings. This history also allows us to build relationships with vendors so we receive the most up-to-date products that will likely benefit your workplace.
  • Customization: You always have options when you hire ACR, Inc. We can install a system with manufacturer recommendations or create a custom one for you. Odd-shaped buildings, potential hazards and other unique elements often force us to think outside the box when it comes to your air purification solutions. That is why we offer custom ductwork installation, as well, so we can enhance filtration and ventilation at your site.
  • Find the right collector: Different industries present with unique contaminants. Your site may produce dust that can be a respiratory hazard for workers, but another creates high humidity and mist-like fumes. Each of these conditions must be handled in a different way, which is why we offer both dry and wet collectors. If different parts of your manufacturing setting produce different types of hazards, we can design a system that addresses them all. This allows every section of your factory to enjoy the benefits of the right air purification system.
  • Satisfied customers: Our customers see improvements in employee health and regulatory compliance. Sudden inspections that once inspired fear are now routine because our purification systems help industrial sites exceed minimum standards. Workers become more productive and feel valued as they thrive in healthier environments. Since we work with every customer thoroughly to assure the right type of system for their needs, it is likely you will experience similar results!
  • Quality: We carry a full inventory of products, parts and systems for nearly every brand of air purification or filtration system available. However, we also use our decades of experience to determine which of these systems work best. Even if you must choose a system near the lower end of your budget, you still enjoy quality air purification that will make your workplace safer. When you consult with us, let us know if there are budgetary restrictions, and we will find the best system within your means.
  • Availability: ACR, Inc. serves Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, which is a large territory. We can travel to your site, consult via telephone or do whatever it takes to accommodate you. If you are ready to get started, contact us soon!

For industrial air purifiers in Indiana, call ACR, Inc. today. We look forward to the opportunity to bring 50 years of combined experience to your site and improve indoor air quality.

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