Cold Heading Mist Collection

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in cold heading. Although this technology has been around for decades, it has recently seen a multitude of new applications and many products such as fasteners are now made this way. There are many advantages associated with cold heading techniques, such as a minimal amount of wasted stock and the absence of heat. Many newer machines also incorporate a number of progressive dies, further increasing the overall efficiency of the process. As the technique is seeing more use, there has naturally been an increase in the need for cold heading mist collection. Of course, ACR is ready to assist you with all of your air filtration needs. Although there are many options available, we feel that one of the best choices for most cold heading applications is the installation of Absolent fiber bed mist collectors.

Fiber Bed Mist Collectors

Absolent is one of the most trusted names in the filtration industry. They offer proven technology that surpasses other manufacturers. When correctly installed and operated, Absolent fiber bed mist collectors are able to exceed OSHA standards for air emissions. Other Absolent advantages include the fact that they design their units to run continuously and guarantee maintenance cycles of one to three years. ACR is proud to offer Absolent technology.

ACR is able to custom design a cold heading mist collection system for your facility. Our professionals can help you achieve maximum efficiency with quality Absolent components and competent, practical system design. Contact us today to learn more about installing the correct mist collection system for your application and any other air filtering needs. Be sure to ask us about the Absolent performance guarantees and how Absolent technology can benefit you.

ACR also carries industrial dust collectors, filters and parts.