High Quality Mist Collectors

If your facility requires mist collectors, including, fiber bed mist collectors, you need to invest in reliable proven equipment. Chances are that in a modern facility, you will require the unit to run 24 hours a day. In addition to this, you also need a system that will meet OSHA standards. Of course, if you could get as much time as possible between maintenance cycles that would be a tremendous advantage as well. ACR can deliver all of this and more with a high quality Absolent mist collector.

Absolent Mist Collector Technology

Absolent leaves other mist collectors behind with their cutting edge technology. These units are so well built, ACR and Absolent are able to guarantee you will enjoy 1 to 3 year maintenance cycles. When you employ the proper Absolent AB filters, we can further guarantee that your emissions will be below .05mg/m3, which exceeds OSHA standards. These are by far the finest units available and will easily run continuously while still giving you the long periods promised between maintenance cycles. Your facility will be vastly improved when you make the decision to use Absolent mist collector equipment.

Why Absolent AB Filters are Unique

While the entire Absolent unit is a high quality, well built piece of precision machinery designed for years of consistent service, its real heart is its filters. Absolent is one of only a handful of companies that specialize in filtering air containing wet particles. Absolent AB filters are not re-workings of dry air products; they are specifically designed for the task they perform. Absolent filter cassettes from ACR are made to exceed the performance of any other wet air filtering product and their performance is guaranteed.

Contact ACR to learn more about implementing Absolent technology in your facilities and learn more about the guarantees we are able to offer. We offer a large selection of mist collectors, industrial dust collectors and filters and parts.