Improving Air Quality Environmental Conditions

When you need assistance improving your air quality environmental conditions, ACR is your single source air filtration solution. With over 30 years of history as a company and a huge depth of knowledge among our personnel, ACR is able to implement solutions in even the most difficult of plant air quality circumstances. We only carry high quality equipment from trusted manufacturers such as Absolent mist collectors, American Air Filter dust collectors and, of course, Nordfab Quick-Fit ductwork. No matter what your application, you will almost definitely need ducts. At ACR we have found that for all applications, Nordfab is the best ductwork provider.

A Nordfab Quick-Fit Ductwork System

When designing a system to improve air quality, environmental conditions such as the amount of physical space available are major considerations. It is often impractical or impossible to place a necessary wet dust or mist collector next to the equipment most needing its services. Ductwork allows air to be conducted to and from the large collectors. It is vital that ductwork be leak proof. Because it is a major part of the installation process, it is also best if it is easily connected and hung. If expanding or repairing an existing filtration system, it must also be compatible with the ductwork you already are using or everything will have to be replaced. Nordfab Quick-Fit ductwork addresses all of these issues. Each piece is laser welded for leak proof seams so it is capable of moving HVAC air streams throughout a building or toxic fumes to a filtering unit. Quick-Fit clamps together, so installation is incredibly easy (installation time may be reduced by as much as 45%). It also can connect easily with existing ducts. Maintenance is a breeze with Quick-Fit because any individual section can be easily detached and removed. This also means that you can reuse Quick-Fit if you need to move or reconfigure your operation.