Plant Air Quality Standards

When it comes to clean air, environmental health quality standards may come from several sources. In addition to obvious EPA standards, you probably also have OSHA regulations that apply to your facility as well. Certain industries and applications, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, will have additional requirements that need to be met. ACR is your single source air filtration solution and we can help you improve your plant air quality. For example, a proper application of Absolent technology will include a guarantee to meet or exceed OSHA standards. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and allow us to help you choose an industrial air cleaner, design a system for you or simply examine your current filter usage and determine if there are better alternatives that will improve the performance of your existing system.

Air, Environmental Health Quality

It can be very difficult to clean the air. Environmental health quality standards are very clear about exactly how many particles can be allowed in your facility or discharged into the open air outside. Despite the many challenges, ACR has a history of succeeding in finding answers in difficult situations. We have experience in manufacturing dust collection, sterile clean room environments and more. Maintaining plant air quality is our specialty and we will be able to help your company maintain a safe, clean environment for your employees.

Choosing an Industrial Air Cleaner

Contact ACR toll free at 1 (800) 719-4799 and allow us to begin the process of designing an air filtration solution specifically for your company. We will take the time to learn about your facility, your processes and your future plans so we can design and deliver a system that will provide years of dependable service. We will take into account space requirements, materials that you use and other factors to select the best industrial air cleaner, whether a dust collector or mist collection unit, for you.