Portable Dust Collector Models

So much of the equipment that generates problematic amounts of dust is portable, often hand held, and in many facilities a portable dust collector unit is a must. Even though ACR is your source for large, industrial air filtration equipment that is made to collect all types of caustic substances, we also have the portable solutions you need. Oskar Air Products manufactures two great portable units, each a cartridge style dust collector. The Roll-Out is a single cartridge dust collector and its big brother, the Giant, utilizes two cartridges.

Cartridge Style Dust Collector Options

Both the Roll-Out and the Giant are able to handle a wide variety of air contaminants at 99% efficiency including:

  • Dry dust
  • Grinding dust
  • Welding fumes
  • Airborne powders
  • Soldering dust and fumes

Each of these portable dust collector units feature 7, 10 and 14 foot arm length options. The Roll-Out uses a 6″ diameter arm while the Giant can use 6″ or 8″ pieces. Both also feature a spark trap and are cartridge style dust collector designs. The Roll-Out incorporates a single cartridge and moves 700 CFM at the arm’s hood. The Giant, however, moves 1180 CFM at the hood and utilizes double cartridges. Each system is mounted on sturdy caster style wheels for easy movement and steering. A 3 to 14 foot Oskar self supporting arm is also available from ACR in four diameters between 3″ and 8″.

If you require permanently installed dust collection equipment, ACR is proud to offer Scientific Dust Collectors equipment, including downdraft tables. No matter what your dust collection need is, ACR is your single source solution. Contact us at 1 (800) 719-4799 so that we can consult with you and determine the best possible solution for your facility and budget.